This story is about Mark Lane and the woman who’s worked there since 1998, and still, shows such passion for Balls Brothers of London…

Meet Sonya. The heart and soul of the iconic Balls Brothers venue, Mark Lane. She’s a born and raised Londoner, a well-travelled intelligent woman who enjoys good banter with the locals as much as watching a Tottenham Hotspur FC play and win! Sonya’s a very big part of Mark Lane, the reason why 90{c5c77e9c80c00ad5374fc6d6ecb6341fc292b0f2de457d7c0c3133dab2c520cf} of our current guests have come and are still coming to Mark Lane. Some are retired and make their way to socialise there from Kent and Essex. Sonya has been located at the sandwich counter since starting in Balls Brothers, making the finest City sandwiches for regular punters!

Mark Lane is a place with unique stunning atmosphere– like nowhere else in London. An old school speak-easy style decor talks up the Balls Brothers story and reminds the customer when it was still okay to smoke a cigar inside a restaurant…

At the Mark Lane, Sonya has seen it all – times change, people come and go, but what hasn’t changed is its Mad Men style atmosphere. The City men in suits clinching deals at the bar area of Mark Lane while they have a glass of our best vino and Sonya’s best sandwiches.

Sonya talks about her time at Mark Lane with pride and excitement. She says she literally wouldn’t be able to stop coming to work even if she won the lottery…. She’s full of good stories – you choose the topic. When she plans to retire from here, one of the regulars has offered to pay for her leaving do! Since she’s into sports, a customer gave her a gift of 2 gold season tickets to see her favourite team…she clearly picked Tottenham Hotspur.

So what does Sonya think the key to a good business is? A personal approach, making your guests feel like they’ve been looked after and politeness as much as the ability to enjoy a good banter! Team Mark Lane is a happy bunch and after work team drinks is a favourite occasion.

Fun Fact about our Sonya? Sonya’s father used to be a cab driver and until recently, she only took a cab to and from work since she started in Mark Lane.

Now, Mark Lane has just had a  refurbishment, a cleaner, new look, however, Sonya and her sandwich counter will still be there welcoming the locals as she has for the last 19 years!

So pop by to Mark Lane, where your favourite sandwich will be waiting for you. Click HERE to book!