Not too long ago we introduced a new 5 Cases Only wine from Austria, Willi Opitz. The Opitz vineyard was created only since 1995 when Willi Opitz hung up his job at an international food company to make only wine.

Austria is well-positioned to make wine and Burgenland is south of Vienna on the Slovakian and Hungarian border. Willi Opitz has cult status in Austrian wine-making circles, here’s the story…



Recent history: It was only in the early1980s that Willi Opitz started to make wine with a small vineyard of about 1.5 hectares near the shallow Lake Neusiedl. As a ‘weekend winemaker’,

he worked with just the Muskat Ottonel and Zweigelt varieties. In 1995, he left his career as a mechanical engineer at a nearby food company in order to devote himself to his ‘hobby-wine’.

Today, he cultivates around 17 hectares and produces about 30 wines although his cultivation methods remain similar, totally focused on quality. In 1997, he relocated to his current winery in Illmitz.



The Showman: Willi has an undoubted talent at marketing: a partnership with McLaren produced a range of Formula Wines, and there was also a Mr President wine enjoyed by Bill Clinton

who met Willi on a visit to Austria. Mr President is the American label of his flagship wine Opitz One! Perhaps his most ‘interesting’ project was his 1995 CD release, ‘The Sound of Wine’,

a recording of his wines undergoing fermentation. Opitz undertook the project because when he was a boy his grandfather had told him that ‘fermenting wine speaks to you of

everything it has experienced during its year in the vineyard.’ – track 3: Opitz One (Red Trockenbeerenauslese) is his hit single!



Innovation: Willi is famous for developing ‘reed wines’ in 1989: healthy grapes are left to age for at least three months on reed mats, the finished wine is called Schilfwein. Opitz One is a

Schilfwein, the Zweigelt grapes being dried for at least six months on reed mats prior to fermentation, the yields are incredibly low (at seven hectolitres per hectare) about a quarter of the yield

of a top Sauternes, Willi often refers to the production of juice as ‘like milking mice’. More recently, in 2012, he picked some of his 2011 harvest on the 14th of February making the world’s first

Valentine’s Day harvested wine.