1. Marilyn Monroe, at least once, took a bath in Champagne. According to her biographer, 350 bottles of Champers were used to fill up her bath tub.

2. On average 28,000 bottles of Champagne are served at Wimbledon each year.

3. In 19th century England, high society dandies thought that the best way to polish their boots was with Champagne.

4. In a 750ml bottle of Champagne there are 49 million bubbles… approximately.

5. Each second Champagne emits 30 bubbles.

6. Champagne has three times more gas than beer.

7.If you’re drinking good Champagne you should see what’s called “collerette” – these are bubble trains on the sides of the glass.

8. It can help prevent memory loss. According to new research, one to three glasses of champagne each week could counteract memory loss associated with ageing – so cheers to that!

9. A little party trick this Christmas? Dropping a raisin into champagne causes it to travel from the top of the glass to the bottom continuously.

Balls Brothers Bubbly Christmas: http://www.ballsbrothers.co.uk/christmas/